Saturday, 15 March 2014

March Hols Homework

March Hols Homework
1. Assignment 4.4 Q1a~c, Q2a~c,Q3b~d, Q4a~c, Q5a,c,d, Q6. (Solutions to excluded questions serve as the worked examples and can be found on the google site Unit 04)
2. Use textbook and the notes to do self-study on the topic of Pythagoras Theorem, details has been given in a separate email sent by Mr Ong and same information has been posted on the Math Google site under the tab of Unit 06. You need to complete and submit the assignment at the end of the notes. All the items above need to be submitted to your Math Reps on 24 Mar (Mon) before 2pm.Math Reps will put all the work in my pigeon hole in separate stacks by 24 Mar (Mon) 3pm. Solutions to the assignments mentioned above will be uploaded after 24 Mar (Mon) 3pm.
3. Prepare for Quiz 04 on Unit 04 Graphs of Quadratic Functions on T2W1, you can refer to concept map, updated notes and assignment solutions on the Math Google site.
(Copied from Mr Zeng's email)
1. Page 7-9 of Science Notes
2. Post your group's presentation on the five kingdoms if you have not done so and comment on at least one other group's presentation on what you have learnt.
1. Make your brochure more aesthetically pleasing
Performance Tasks/Projects:
1. IH PT
2. IRS (Presentations will happen in Term 2 Week 1 & 2; Groups D, A, C, E will present in week 1. Groups B, F, G will present in week 2) (5 min for presentation and 5 min for Q&A)
3. ADMT (Get all your recordings done)
4. Mother Tongue PT
1. Latihan lisan (email ke Cikgu Azizah sebelum 19 Mac, Wednesday)
2. PT harus dihantar sebelum 19 Mac (Skrip) dan 28 Mac (Video)
3. Log Bacaan
Higher Chinese
1.Chinese PT
2.Workbook unit2

Enjoy your March Hols ppl

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